Remote Deposit Capture

EFT Network, Inc.’s patented technology will upload a batch of scanned checks in a matter of moments, generating a posting file and clearing the checks to your bank account no matter where you bank.

Once we schedule a demonstration, we can have you set up (once approved) to deposit your checks .

Let’s face it, if your able in the current environment, going to the bank on a daily basis may not be the best use of time (unless they offer free donuts). Utilizing EFT Network Remote Deposit Capture technology will allow you to reallocate your valuable time in the office by eliminating the need to deposit checks in the bank. It’s really simple. Access your check images and payment status around the clock. All you need is a personal computer with internet access, and an approved scanner. Place the checks through the scanner and watch each paper check scan into an electronic image, resulting in an electronic deposit into your bank account.

Returned Item Processing

Redeposit or represent returned checks for your bank or for your depositors. This can be a new source of revenue for your financial institution.

Split Payment Reconciliation

Assign payments to multiple invoices or accounts. Our system is designed to allow the Merchant to ‘split’ that check to match the specific details of the payment.

Customized Endorsement

Customize your own endorsement to be imprinted on the back of the checks or use our default “Electronically Deposited – Do Not Deposit Original”, Text is limited up to 50 characters.

Integration of Accounting Software

Customized & export posting files for your customers allows them to eliminate keying payments into their accounting system. In essence your customers can run a “LockBox” process in house.

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