Electronic Check Re-Presentment

Faster Processing

Simplify and improve your collection process by replacing the traditional method of collecting returned Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) checks, with EFT Network’s Electronic Check Representment (RCK) System.

Our ability to represent your checks electronically will save you time and money in the costly collection process, as well as bank redeposit transaction fees. In all, our RCK System can virtually eliminate the expense of lost revenue due to NSF checks.

Key Features

  • Electronic NSF checks can be re-presented 2 additional times, as opposed to only 1 time in paper form
  • Higher recovery rate. Improve your overall collections and payment efficiency
  • Electronic items can be strategically timed to coincide with traditional ‘pay-days’, ie. Fridays, or the 15th or 1st, thus increasing likelihood of successful collection
  • Customers returned to paid status sooner
  • NSF checks can be collected without verbal communications

How Does RCK Work?

  1. Receive your personalized screen name and password from EFT Network.

  2. Electronically redeposit NSF items two additional times after the first presentment.

  3. Funds are debited from the check writer’s bank account.

  4. Full face value of bad checks collected and deposited into your bank account.

  5. Uncollected checks are returned to you with reason for return.

  6. Return check fees can be collected electronically or by paper draft which requires proper authorization.