Point-of-Sale Conversion

Simplify Check Acceptance

Point-of-Sale Conversion is designed for Retail Owners to accept all types of checks at the point-of-sale and easily convert them into electronic transactions.

Key Features

  • Submit checks and transfer funds electronically
  • 24/7 access to retrieve check image and authorization via our secure website
  • Real-time verification database reduces risk of accepting bad checks and collection costs
  • Upload files to update your in-house accounts receivable system
  • Checks received through any remote or branch office/store locations can be deposited through one banking institution/account, simplifying bank reconciliation processes

How Does Point-of-Sale Conversion Work?

  1. A Consumer presents a completed check to the Merchant, who scans the check through a check scanner to capture the check image and data.
  2. Check information is transmitted through EFT Network’s database and verification system for approval.
  3. A receipt is printed for the Consumer to sign, authorizing the debit.
  4. Captured data and images are sent to EFT Network for processing.
  5. Our system automatically distinguishes and converts Consumer items processed as ACH items, with Non-consumer items including corporate checks and payroll checks into Check 21 IRDs.
  6. The funds are processed through the ACH, electronically debited from the customers account and available in your bank account within 24 to 48 hours, alleviating a trip to the bank.
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