Check21PLUS BOC Remote Deposit Capture Service

EFT Network’s Check21PLUS BOC is designed for retailers and businesses who accept paper checks at the point-of-acceptance or face-to-face environment. With Check21PLUS BOC, you can now accept and retain all checks received at the point-of-acceptance regardless of ACH eligibility and convert checks into electronic transactions at a later time. Replace check scanners at every payment counter with just one in the back office. Businesses are required to have a notice that is prominently posted and in plain view of the customer notifying that by using a check for payment, they agree to the check processing policy.

Technology Behind Check21PLUS BOC
is powered by our hybrid, “patent pending” web based system that processes and deposits all types of paper items into electronic transactions or substitute checks, better known as IRD’s, all through a single point of entry system.

Benefits for YOU!

Web Based System
No software to install, simple to use.

Reduce Equipment
Replace scanners at every payment counter with ONE scanner in the back office.

Speed Up Check Out Process
No need to obtain signatures at the point of sale, simplify the check out process.

Notification Sign
Required notification at check out authorizing the electronic debit.

Check Verification
Ability to verify checks before acceptance.

Reduce Bank Visits
No more deposit slips or waiting on line, deposit checks from your store into your bank account.

Electronic Deposits
Improves cash flow and simplifies deposits for faster funds availability.