What We Do

Providing exceptional systems and services that enable our clients to collect, process & deposit electronic and paper based transactions faster and more efficiently. Our feature rich system ensures that money moves accurately, securely, & quickly. Businesses of every size and type can transition from traditional paper-based payment and billing to electronic processing to enhance productivity and profitability.

The Difference in Quality

Who We Are

Founded in 1998 as an ACH processing company, EFT Network has grown and evolved as one of the largest check and ACH processors nationwide. EFT Network is a provider of innovative ACH, check, and credit card processing solutions that manage, support, and speed the processing and clearing of funds for financial institutions and businesses. EFT Network processes billions of dollars of electronic transactions per year through our Remote Deposit Capture ARC Check 21 system. Other EFT Network products and services include: Automated Recurring Payments, Telephone Checks, Web Checks, Electronic Check Re-Presentment (RCK), Centralized Returns, and Back Office Conversion.

EFT Network’s products and services are highly scalable and adaptable within all business environments via our secure state-of-the-art, web hosted software network. No matter what your business, EFT Network can custom tailor a payment solution to meet your specific needs so you can benefit from electronic payment technologies. We fully integrated and enhanced the functionality of our products and services to specifically meet the needs of the Merchants in different markets, Banks, Financial Institutions, Collection Agencies, Property Management Companies, Government Agencies, and Municipalities, and More.