Check21PLUS ARC Remote Deposit Capture Service

EFT Network’s Check21PLUS ARC is designed for businesses who receive checks through the mail, message or drop-box environment. Convert paper check payments into electronic transactions from your business place directly to your business bank account for quick access to cash and fewer trips to the bank. Our system is completely web based. No need to purchase or maintain software. All that is needed is internet access.

Technology Behind Check21PLUS ARC
is powered by our hybrid, “patent pending” web based system that processes and deposits all types of paper items into electronic transactions or substitute checks, better known as IRD’s, all through a single point of entry system.

Benefits for YOU!

Easy to Use Web Based System
No software to install, all you need is a personal computer, internet access and a scanner.

Fast and Accurate
Automatically reads the dollar amount off a check and populates the appropriate field.

Increase Office Efficiency
Upload processed payment information to your accounts receivable system.

Block List
Stop payments you do not want to accept, great for Property Management.

Multiple Depository Accounts
Deposit to multiple DDA accounts in one simple function.

Memorization Technology
Memorizes customer unique identifier which alleviates manual data entry.

Customizable FlexFields
Ability to create and generate fields based on your specific needs.

Check Images and Data

24/7 access to retrieve your check images and payment status.